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The Challenge:
•    staffing
•    location
•    regulation
•    strategic need

26 + years
12900+ incident free hours
International Experience

The Beginning:

TorqueRoll was established in the late 1980’s. My original goal was to share the experience of flight with those that never thought they could. Aerobatics is where the name was formed.

Since then the envelope has expanded to providing all levels of support and consultation. What ever your needs require, whether basic or complex transportation, aircraft repositioning, manual or regulatory development, TorqueRoll can help.

Challenger Support:

With thousands of hours experience in the Bombardier aircraft TorqueRoll can assist you operating your Challenger.

Whether local or on the other side of the globe, temporary or long term, TorqueRoll is ready to assist.

Aircraft Repositioning:

As planes are needed in new locations, TorqueRoll has the experience to relocate your aircraft.

Let TorqueRoll’s ‘can-do’ attitude fulfill your needs, removing the stress and hassle.

Central Location:

Based in Minneapolis, a Delta Hub, the world is but a hop or two away.

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